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Duplicate licence

Has your driving license been stolen? Have you lost it or has it deteriorated?

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What do I have to do?

At Center Mèdic Fòrum we carry out the procedures on your behalf, through our approved Administrative Agency, so that you do not have to bother or travel.

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Barcelona Fòrum-Diagonal Mar Medical Center

Medical center Barcelona Diputació-Eixample

Barcelona Urgell-Eixample Medical Centre



  • RATES:
  • Driving license renewal:
    39'99 + taxes (price without web reservation €47.32)*
  • Professional renewal (C, D…):
    39'99 + taxes (price without web reservation €47.32)* + taxes
  • Driving license exchange:  39'99 + taxes (price without web reservation €47.32)*

Traffic Rates

  • General:
  • Deadlines shorter than those established by age due to medical reasons:
    • Up to 4 years:
    • Up to 3 years:
    • Up to 2 years:
    • 1 year or less:
  • Over 70 years:
    €55 without taxes.

To consider

  • The report of theft/theft of your driving license (only if you have lost your license or it has been damaged, you will not have to present anything).
  • DNI, passport or provisional documents.
  • The duplicate request form. that we will provide you.
  • If your license was still one of the old ones in cardboard format, you must bring license photos, or we will take them at our medical center.

* Remember that if your entire wallet has been stolen, you will first have to renew your passport or ID card.

Professional cards

C1-C truck permit
C1 Permit

For cars whose maximum authorized mass exceeds 3500 kg and does not exceed 7500 kg.

D1-D bus permit
D1-D Permit

Vehicle sets and trucks with different maximum authorized mass restrictions.

Licence C1-C-D1-D+E trailer
Permit C1+E, C, C+E

Different types of buses and coupled vehicle sets with specific restrictions.

Frequently asked questions

How long will it take to get my new driving licence?
The DGT will send the new licence to your home by post, but we will provide you with a provisional document (valid for 180 days) so that you can drive, once you have completed the renewal process.